Electric scooter foldable; best review. Brand: Inokim, E-Twow, JackHot.

Distributor for Australian & New Zealand Market

Welcome to Scoozzi! We import world renowned e-Scooter brands Inokim, Etwow and Jackhot in New Zealand and Australia.

e-Scooters are revolutionizing the way we travel. Customer feedback “Awesome! Just done 1550Km in 6 months!”


IMG_0003aScoozzi is a division of Bikeme Limited

BikeMe has been in operation since 2010 as a bicycle retail shop in Auckland. We do not operate from home nor do we operate from a warehouse. You can check us out at www.bikeme.co.nz. Scoozzi, like Bikeme, is committed to the long term in keeping your e-Scooter in excellent condition. We are well stocked for spare parts and accessories to keep you going!

Scoozzi has been studying the e-Scooter market for the last 3 years and what leading China manufacturers in this area have to offer.
We were disappointed with some suppliers who claimed to be the main manufacturer, but when we visited them in China we found this to be untrue. There are indeed many factories in China that have produced copied versions of popular brands such as Inokim, E-Twow and Jackhot. Scoozzi would like to thank Inokim and E-twow for their hospitality in receiving our visiting team when we visited their factory.

Scoozzi believes in getting the best value and most reliable e-Scooter for customers and we will continue to scout for more options for our customers. Scoozzi will continue to work closely with our current suppliers and keep an eye out for future suppliers as the e-Scooter technologies improves.

Turning Point
: Scoozzi fully supports an alternative transport solution that provides fun, portability and reliability. Electric Scooters serve to complement common transport such as trains, buses, ferries and cars. They also provide an alternate solution if you get too tired or find it too time consuming riding a kick scooter or bicycle. When compared to an electric bicycle, the e-Scooter is always lighter and has greater portability.

Scoozzi does not support riders who use e-Scooters for racing, endanger road users, doing tricks, riding in heavy rain or inappropriate tampering with the transporter.