Why is there so many brands and models coming from China factories?

There are hundreds of Super Mega Factories (SMF) in China. They have huge department in graphic and marketing. Their Research and Development department is small. I know and I have visited their factories before. They have a huge department in coping other model’s design and modifies to give a name of their own. They may be good of manufacturing rubber tyre and metal but not good at electronic components to keep the whole system together.

There are also the mid-range factories who specialized in producing parts for the electric scooter but sell the components to SMF to complete the products. These collaborations are very common in China Economic. It determines the rise and fall of the SMF. Hence their products are generally cheaper.

If you are looking at a brand of electric scooter, you must first of all check if there is a local importer in New Zealand. Seek the origin of the factory company name. and also search if the name is part of a holding group companies in China. Also look into the track record and the performance in producing electric scooters.

Check the source and origin of your electric scooter and enjoy your investment.

Solid tyre or Pneumatic Tyre?

Personally, I have experience the development of rubber technology as the rubber compound have soften for better grip on the road. The solid or honey comb tyre is good for speed from zero to 40kmph. It will be the best investment for the rider as they do not need to pump air, check for air pressure, change tubes or fear of damaging the tyre or the rim/motor. Really hassle free as the rider need not go without scooter for a day to a week. It is indeed hard to put on the honey comb tyre as it has to be tight fit and the tyre will last as much as a normal pneumatic tyre.

Even Obama have comment the usage of oil consumption in America, that America will save million of dollars if the average car tyre is pump to the right pressure to keep the power efficient and not extra power is required. Obama is of course generalizing the common usage of average car owner on the car tyre. But this common sense applied across the board. When the honey comb tyre needs to change, and there is a delay to the change, the braking distance will increase to dangerous level and the motor need more power to push the scooter. So it is not a good combination. A brand new honey comb tyre will solve all the problems.

Basic Search for the right electric scooter

There are many brand in the market and most are manufactured in China. China can produce the best of it quality or something you have to take as a lucky dip.

With the growing market and competitions, most local brand name claim that it is Kiwi design about 95 percent are produce in China. So whether it is local made or international name is in material. Inokim, Minimotor and Etwow have kept the name to themselves. There is almost none who are able to copy their design and OEM with a different names. For example, Zero 8, Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 11 have lots of marketing brand awareness. Unfortunately, I have seem similar design but they call it Sonic and other brand they have named in Alibaba. This will depreciate the value of your scooter.

Check and research by googling the brand name and the history of their Research and Development. Must be able to test ride the scooter as different rider have different expectation of the feel of the riding experience. Different brand and different model have difference feel of acceleration, size, weight, range and charging time.

The more power on the escooter will demand for bigger battery and that will add up on the weight of the escooter.

Have a closer look at the scooter as Inokim, Minimotor and Etwow scooter ambrose their company name on the Motor, fork, deck and their throttle. What this proof is that these brand have better quality control and are serious in their quality of their production.

Choosing the right escooter

Choosing the right escooter

Of course your number one concern is the cost. If you can establish your budget and have a try of the scooter from your friend or come to my shop for test riding, you will never know what is suitable for you. The advantage is enormous in saving time, effort, strength and or course money.


Most people start off with a huge demand and that is ok, if you have the budget. I will offer 3 suggestions: with low low budget ($500 to $1000) budget ($1000 to $2000) and high budget ($2000 to $5000 or more).


Low Low Budget ($500 to $1000)

If the rider is young to adult, not demanding and weight below 70Kg this escooter will be perfect for you. Rider that is young (10 years old to adult) and accept less comfort in riding as they will experience lots of vibration because of the small wheel, no suspension and rough road surface. Not demanding because they will find that the scooter will not be able to climb steep hilly road (around 25 degree). The rider either keep kicking the escooter forward or walk over the hill. The scooter range wil be around 20 to 25km which is plenty for most riders.

Because most riders out weight the vehicle, the performance of the motor with have to work harder to go over the hilly. So the lighter the weight of the rider, the better the motor will performance. Motor size is generally between 24 to 36V and battery size is from 7 to 9ah.


Low Budget ($1000 to $2000)

This are more serious rider who is looking to save money, efficient comfort riding and enough power to climb most hilly road. Looking for good quality scooter is just much more important as you would want the scooter

Riding Safely with cars and trucks

Like most car driver, including myself, we are conscious of what we see in front of our view. There image on both side of our eye and the driver have to made judgment call as to who is beside my car. For example, on the side of my car, I can imaging an image that go up and down in motion, I can guess that it is pedestrian walking. If vigorous up and down motion, they are probably running. If the move side to side and up and down motion, it is a cyclist. So the car driver have to get use to an image of an upright figure with any motion. And there will be the escooter/scooter rider.

The second issue is that more driver could not anticipate the speed of the escooter rider. While the escooter conclude that the car driver have seen and allow the escooter to go faster. But the issue with most driver is that they do not anticipate the scooter to go fast. Hence there is an error of judgement in speed. This could result in collision with the escooter rider. This will occurred mostly in the busy city streets as various commuters will negotiate the right of way.

Electric Vehicle – Go Green

Electric Vehicle – Go Green

With the advance of technologies; oil from whales, fossil fuse and natural gas is much less needed as wind, water and battery continue to improve the power to drive the economy.

But we are not there yet, but it is a good time to start now as ebike, escooter, skateboard, emotorbike and eautomobile. Soon and very soon, there will be eboat, etruck and even an eaeroplane.

eScooter may not be for everybody but I believe eScooter is the easier start and leaning more towards a safe evehicle.

Compare to eBike, eScooter is definitely a space saver, easier to ride and also safer to ride on escooter than ebike. Let me illiterate below.


Spacer Saver

The concept of escooter is very similar to our childhood normal scooter. eScooter is design with a folding stem to compact the vehicle. There are various designs in the folding mechanism and this folding mechanism have to correlate to the weight of the vehicle. 90percent of ebike do not offer folding mechanism because a lot of maintenances are needed. The hinge will wear and bolts will loosen but escooter remain with the folding stem. Why? The advantage out weights the disadvantage by a long list. Furthermore, like any mechanical parts, maintenance is essential. With proper maintenance and going through the check list, the stem can continue to perform wondrously for the next 8000Km. Now it is possible to store easily in Campervan, under working desk and easily tuck into the closet.


Easier to Ride

Most folks will have agreed that it is easier to balance on a scooter than a bicycle. Most high quality scooter allowed the motorized wheel to rotate freely, hence the escooter can ride without power. This will allow a secondary power to push without turning on the power or the scooter is low on battery power.


Safer to Ride

While riding a escooter, the rider have a upright posture. The deck is normally 3” to 5” away from the ground level. If the escooter get out of control, the rider is able to easily jump off from the deck. There will be bruises and cuts which is minor and fast healing. This will be much difficult for ebike or normal bicycle, for the rider of bicycle needs to be able to lift one foot across the horizontal bar to be able to jump for clearance. If the ebike gets out of control, the bicycle will have to carry the rider wherever the bicycle wants to stop.