Basic Search for the right electric scooter

There are many brand in the market and most are manufactured in China. China can produce the best of it quality or something you have to take as a lucky dip.

With the growing market and competitions, most local brand name claim that it is Kiwi design about 95 percent are produce in China. So whether it is local made or international name is in material. Inokim, Minimotor and Etwow have kept the name to themselves. There is almost none who are able to copy their design and OEM with a different names. For example, Zero 8, Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 11 have lots of marketing brand awareness. Unfortunately, I have seem similar design but they call it Sonic and other brand they have named in Alibaba. This will depreciate the value of your scooter.

Check and research by googling the brand name and the history of their Research and Development. Must be able to test ride the scooter as different rider have different expectation of the feel of the riding experience. Different brand and different model have difference feel of acceleration, size, weight, range and charging time.

The more power on the escooter will demand for bigger battery and that will add up on the weight of the escooter.

Have a closer look at the scooter as Inokim, Minimotor and Etwow scooter ambrose their company name on the Motor, fork, deck and their throttle. What this proof is that these brand have better quality control and are serious in their quality of their production.