Choosing the right escooter

Choosing the right escooter

Of course your number one concern is the cost. If you can establish your budget and have a try of the scooter from your friend or come to my shop for test riding, you will never know what is suitable for you. The advantage is enormous in saving time, effort, strength and or course money.


Most people start off with a huge demand and that is ok, if you have the budget. I will offer 3 suggestions: with low low budget ($500 to $1000) budget ($1000 to $2000) and high budget ($2000 to $5000 or more).


Low Low Budget ($500 to $1000)

If the rider is young to adult, not demanding and weight below 70Kg this escooter will be perfect for you. Rider that is young (10 years old to adult) and accept less comfort in riding as they will experience lots of vibration because of the small wheel, no suspension and rough road surface. Not demanding because they will find that the scooter will not be able to climb steep hilly road (around 25 degree). The rider either keep kicking the escooter forward or walk over the hill. The scooter range wil be around 20 to 25km which is plenty for most riders.

Because most riders out weight the vehicle, the performance of the motor with have to work harder to go over the hilly. So the lighter the weight of the rider, the better the motor will performance. Motor size is generally between 24 to 36V and battery size is from 7 to 9ah.


Low Budget ($1000 to $2000)

This are more serious rider who is looking to save money, efficient comfort riding and enough power to climb most hilly road. Looking for good quality scooter is just much more important as you would want the scooter