Electric Vehicle – Go Green

Electric Vehicle – Go Green

With the advance of technologies; oil from whales, fossil fuse and natural gas is much less needed as wind, water and battery continue to improve the power to drive the economy.

But we are not there yet, but it is a good time to start now as ebike, escooter, skateboard, emotorbike and eautomobile. Soon and very soon, there will be eboat, etruck and even an eaeroplane.

eScooter may not be for everybody but I believe eScooter is the easier start and leaning more towards a safe evehicle.

Compare to eBike, eScooter is definitely a space saver, easier to ride and also safer to ride on escooter than ebike. Let me illiterate below.


Spacer Saver

The concept of escooter is very similar to our childhood normal scooter. eScooter is design with a folding stem to compact the vehicle. There are various designs in the folding mechanism and this folding mechanism have to correlate to the weight of the vehicle. 90percent of ebike do not offer folding mechanism because a lot of maintenances are needed. The hinge will wear and bolts will loosen but escooter remain with the folding stem. Why? The advantage out weights the disadvantage by a long list. Furthermore, like any mechanical parts, maintenance is essential. With proper maintenance and going through the check list, the stem can continue to perform wondrously for the next 8000Km. Now it is possible to store easily in Campervan, under working desk and easily tuck into the closet.


Easier to Ride

Most folks will have agreed that it is easier to balance on a scooter than a bicycle. Most high quality scooter allowed the motorized wheel to rotate freely, hence the escooter can ride without power. This will allow a secondary power to push without turning on the power or the scooter is low on battery power.


Safer to Ride

While riding a escooter, the rider have a upright posture. The deck is normally 3” to 5” away from the ground level. If the escooter get out of control, the rider is able to easily jump off from the deck. There will be bruises and cuts which is minor and fast healing. This will be much difficult for ebike or normal bicycle, for the rider of bicycle needs to be able to lift one foot across the horizontal bar to be able to jump for clearance. If the ebike gets out of control, the bicycle will have to carry the rider wherever the bicycle wants to stop.