Why is there so many brands and models coming from China factories?

There are hundreds of Super Mega Factories (SMF) in China. They have huge department in graphic and marketing. Their Research and Development department is small. I know and I have visited their factories before. They have a huge department in coping other model’s design and modifies to give a name of their own. They may be good of manufacturing rubber tyre and metal but not good at electronic components to keep the whole system together.

There are also the mid-range factories who specialized in producing parts for the electric scooter but sell the components to SMF to complete the products. These collaborations are very common in China Economic. It determines the rise and fall of the SMF. Hence their products are generally cheaper.

If you are looking at a brand of electric scooter, you must first of all check if there is a local importer in New Zealand. Seek the origin of the factory company name. and also search if the name is part of a holding group companies in China. Also look into the track record and the performance in producing electric scooters.

Check the source and origin of your electric scooter and enjoy your investment.