Air Pressure-PSI (Pound Per Square Inch)

I have a unproven theory base on being a car owner for 40 years. Bicycle shop owner for 10 years and Escooter shop for 6 years. Pressure in car tyre never go down if the owner keep using it. air pressure will deplete if not in use for more than 6 months.

Tyre for escooter is similar except that its volume is 50 times smaller than a typical car tyre. Hence, check tyre pressure every 3 months if using 3 or more times a week. If riding your escooter occured once a month (more or less), check tyre pressure before using.

The consequences is that you might damage your tube and tyre. A typical leak is cause by nails or glasses but most is due to lack of air pressure. Recommended is 45 to 50PSI. ok for 35-40PSI. Problem is when the pressure drop below 25PSI, with rider weight of 70 to 100 KG and riding on uneven ground. The tyre start to compressed alot which created gaps between the rim and tyre for dust and small particles to enter. Over time, with increase usage due to rubbing and pulling in the tube, leak will evolve.

If leak happens too many times; change your regular routes (avoid bars and construction area). check air pressure regularly or install Honey comb solid tyre. thanks for read. Ride careful.    


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