Welcome to eScoozzi!
On-line service at level 4 and contactless service at level 3

Welcome to eScoozzi!

We are the authorized distributors from top e-scooter brands Inokim, Dualtron, Futecher, Speedway and E-TWOW. All the products we distribute and offer to our customers are all of original build and quality. Our products have been tried and tested for many years by our manufacturers and ourselves before bringing them to market.

We are at Alert Level 4 which requires us to be have social distancing, wearing of masks and a Covid QR scan.
eScoozzi will remain closed, however we can still provide on-line delivery of essential parts.

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E-Scooter Tips

Maintenance of your eScooter:

If not using much, keep you battery between 20% to 90% capacity. if left too long un-charger, the battery may not be able to re-charger itself even though the battery may be new or less use. there is a change that battery replacement may be necessary. 

Maintenance tyre pressure between 30 to 45PSI. at low pressure of 20PSI, the tyre will be subject to be puncture by small particles. If tyre is wormed,  this will need replacement. we carried 5 types of solid tyres which in my opinions, the advantage out weights the disadvantage under the right conditions.

Lubes bolts and nuts. this are high tensile steel and can be easily rust near salt water. Lube also allow smooth maintenance when needed. Lube also your steel brake cable. check you tube video of extracting the whole steel cable, lube the cable and re-installing the brake cable.

Upgrading you Escooter

From mechanical disc to hydraulic disc brake, improve security system with GPS, Motion alarm and D-Lock. add Turn Signal amber light, increase the brightness of head light between 5 to 10 feet ahead of the escooter, mirrors, extension bars, pouch, basket, etc.

Feel free to call 0224536301 during working hours. Pray that this will end 31st Aug, fingers crossed.

E-scooter Group Rides

E-Scooter Group Rides

This Event will start again in Summer. Thanks for all who joined!