Maintain Battery and Charger

Any electrical appliances can cause fire. Fire can start not only in Lithium Battery but also from our common carelessness in our everyday habit. If commons step are taken, fire can be avoid.

Common steps to Avoid electrical Lithium Battery on Fire

  1. On average, battery should last about 2 to 3 years. The variable is in the weight of rider, lots of uphill climb, above 40kmph and condition of the road.  
  2. Avoid generic battery and observe battery performance. Track its age, Mileage and consistence performance. If worn and the power on the motor is lessen and the frequency of charging is increase. Replace the battery. Nothing last for ever.
  3. Check Charger. Stick to original charger as the BMS of the battery, controller and the design of the charger corelate with each other, Again observe the light indicator and charging time to indicate faulty charger.
  4. Use Smoke Alarm Detector. please one or two near the electric scooter. Made sure AA Battery is in good health.

5. Store in garage and not in the house or separate garage (if you have one with power supply).

6. Turn off Charger when the charger light indicator turn green.

7. If going for more than 1 week trip. charge to green light turn on and unplug the charger on both end the next day before the trip.


Read below the latest news of battery catching fire and advise from FENZ (Fire and Emergency NZ)

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