Solid Tyre or Pneumatic Tyre?

Personally, I have experience the development of rubber technology as the rubber compound have soften for better grip on the road.

The solid or honey comb tyre is good for speed from zero to 40kmph. It will be the best investment for the rider as they do not need to pump air, check for air pressure, change tubes or fear of damaging the tyre or the rim/motor. Really hassle free as the rider need not go without scooter for a day to a week. It is indeed hard to put on the honey comb tyre as it has to be tight fit and the tyre will last as much as a normal pneumatic tyre.

Even Obama have comment the usage of oil consumption in America, that America will save million of dollars if the average car tyre is pump to the right pressure to keep the power efficient and not extra power is required. Obama is of course generalizing the common usage of average car owner on the car tyre. But this common sense applied across the board.

When the honey comb tyre needs to change, and there is a delay to the change, the braking distance will increase to dangerous level and the motor need more power to push the scooter. So it is not a good combination. A brand new honey comb tyre will solve all the problems.

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