Maintaining Solid Tyre

The solid or honey comb tyre will be the best investment for the rider as they do not need to pump air, check for air pressure, change tubes or fear of damaging the tyre or the rim/motor. Or calling Mon and Dad to pick them us because you have a flat tyre.

Generally, on slow speed and no sudden taking of and sudden stopping. they can offer safe from 600 to 800 km.

If the rider does a lot of skidding, jamming the brake and riding more than 30kmph most of the time. durability will drop to 400 to 600km.

2 areas of tear and wear; 1) bolding on the rubber that touches the road. 2) the rubber will stretch and will cause more slip (or sliding) between rim and rubber. that will be time to change another new solid tyre. 

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