Electric Scooter Repair Workshop in Auckland

We are glad to offer a full electric scooter workshop facility on site, where our skilled technicians can take care of all servicing and repair work on most issues to do with your e-scooter. Whether you need new tyres, brakes tightened or just some advice on how to fix your own punctures we are here for you. All of the most popular brands are covered. Just ask what we can do for you, we’re sure we can help!

Look-Over Service: $60

Check Tyre Pressure

Check Tyre Thread

Check Visible Bolts and Nuts on wheel, deck and handlebar

Check front and rear Light, Speedometer and power bar

Check the charger (if available)

Test ride for brakes

Visual check on Brake Pad

Check on 5 degrees play on stem

Additional Adjustment Labour Costs: (Not including parts cost)

Tyre/Tubeless Tyre/ Honey Comb Tyre/ Tube: $30 to $80 Per Wheel

 Brake Pad/ Rotor/ Bleed: $30 to $120 Per Brake

 Brake Rotor, Lever and Calliper Replacement: $40$90 Per Brake

 Brake System Replacement: $60$120 Per Brake

 Lights Replacement: $30$90 Per Light

 Motor Replacement: $6090 Per Motor

 Mudguard Replacement: $10$50 Per Mudguard

 Grip Set Replacement: $10$20 Per Set

 TBar Replacement: $60$90 Per Unit

 Folding Parts Replacement: $40$150 Per Unit

 Kick Stand Replacement: $10$60 Per Unit

 Battery Replacement:$60$120 Per Battery

 Controller Replacement: $30$80 Per Controller

 LCD Display Replacement: $50$80 Per Unit

 Dual Motor Switch / Light Switch Replacement: $30$60 Per Unit

 Deck Body Replacement: $150$250 Per Unit

 Headset Replacement: $50$150 Per Unit

 Bearing Replacement: $50$90 Per Wheel

 Internal Cable/Wire Replacement: $60$90

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