10" X 2.0 solid Honey Comb tyres for most model from Xiaomi and Segway.

10" X 2.0 solid Honey Comb tyres for most model from Xiaomi and Segway.

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Tired of getting punctures? 

We now have solid 10x2.0 tyres for escooters.

Made from a soft rubber compound for maximum comfort and grip, The solid tyre is a good option if you have had enough with punctures on  your escooter

Solid tyres have their advantages and disadvantages, the main reason why you would want solid tyres is to get rid of any risk of puncture during your ride. However, you have to be aware that solid tyres are not gonna last forever either. Solid tyres are not designed for daily high speed riding (over 35km/h) as the heat generated at great speed on a daily basis will make the rubber stretch beyond the diameter of your wheel rim with time.

 To make the installation process easier, you can soak the solid tyre in hot water to soften the rubber

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12 months’ warranty (1 year) from date of purchase: Charger, Motor, Controller. 
Which include: T- bar, Main Steering Extrude, Front Wheel, Folding Mechanism, LCD Throttle, Battery, Main body. Will not include tie and wear due to extensive usage.

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