Dualtron Victor Luxury+ (*$324/month for 12 months)
Dualtron Victor Luxury+ (*$324/month for 12 months)
Dualtron Victor Luxury+ (*$324/month for 12 months)

Dualtron Victor Luxury+ (*$324/month for 12 months)

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The Dualtron Victor Luxury+ electric scooter is the perfect blend of performance and luxury. This portable personal vehicle has enough range and speed to replace your car all together, with an updated design that features an upgraded deck with a soft rubberized top and more programmable LED lights on the swingarms and under-deck, giving you more ways to brace for speed. It also comes with a new footrest that locks the stem to the deck when folded, providing more space for riders to brace themselves and making it easier to lift when loading in and out of cars. With this built-in safety feature and level of performance, the Dualtron Victor Luxury makes commuting easy – even on long distanced trips!



The Victor Luxury+ is equipped with two motors on the front and the rear capable of delivering 2000W of max output power each, for a total of 4000W. Enough to climb any stiff hill you may encounter.


  • Hydraulic disc brake system on the front and the rear (ZOOM).
  • 160 mm braking disks.
  • The physical braking system is paired with our patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking.
  • ABS.
  • An even wider inflated 10 inches x 3.5 tires (compared to the Victor and Luxury classic).
  • ECO/TURBO and SINGLE/DUAL multiswitch in order to give the rider maximum flexibility in the choice of the driving mode.
  • Stop lights.
  • Turning signals.
  • Reflective stickers on the front bridge.
  • Rear LED red/stop lights in the deck.
  • Automobile style red/stop light incorporated in the stylish foot step.
  • Folding double lock for better stability of the handle bar steering tube.
  • Bright headlights.
  • Electric horn.


. Specifications


4000 W Dual Motor

Max Power Output


Max Speed

80 km/h


50 km*


10” x 3” pneumatic (inner tube) street tires


60V28Ah CN

Charging time



Bright headlights + Stop Light + Rear LED red/stop light

Net Weight

30 Kg

Max Payload

120 kg


Front & Rear suspensions

Other Features

Electric Horn +


Front & rear hydraulic brakes (Zoom)

Dimensions Folded

1170 x 609 x 560 cm

Dimensions Unfolded

1170 x 609 x 1307 cm


*with normal driving conditions (medium speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures)

 Please Note: Any user of this product must ensure that they abide by all New Zealand legal rules and regulations (including local laws) pertaining to the safe & responsible usage of e-scooters and e-boards, (including where electric scooters and electric skateboards can legally be used).  More information & the current legislation around use of “low powered vehicles” which this product falls under can be found under the NZTA Website: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/vehicle-types/low-powered-vehicles/ and the Gazette Notice number 2018-au4674, “E-Scooters (Declaration Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2018”

Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your electric scooter and electric skateboard.

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12 months’ warranty (1 year) from date of purchase: Charger, Motor, Controller. 
Which include: T- bar, Main Steering Extrude, Front Wheel, Folding Mechanism, LCD Throttle, Battery, Main body. Will not include tie and wear due to extensive usage.

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